First Customer Contact Center

Call-Center Facility

Structuring the call-center facility for
SLIC’s BANCA existing and potential
Policy Holders.

Customer Journey

A seamless customer journey across
multiple touch-points, including web,
mobile, and call center.

Digital Platform

A digital platform providing access to
the info when and where it is convenient
for the consumer.

SECP's New Regulations

We are focused to arrest the slippage in a timely manner. As directed in SECP’s New Regulations with keeping the call recordings for 03 years and save Partner Banks from huge clawback and SLIC to refund huge Premium non-renewed.

Key Benefits of our Services

Call Resolution

Improve first call resolution

Serve Customer

Serve customers more effectively.

Customer Issues

Better understand and resolve customer issues

Seamlessly Transfer

Seamlessly transfer service requests to operations experts.

Marketing and Coordination


Assist Insurer(s) with identifying and bringing on board Banks through which Insurer(s) products can be distributed.


Coordination with Branches and BSCs / BM / Banca Ops of All the Partner Banks and Insurer(s) field force.


Facilitate the Partner Banks in achievement of their Bancassurance Processing (Pre & Post Policies) Targets

Customer Support

Liaising between Insurer(s) and the Partner Banks’ Processing (Pre & Post Policies) & Marketing/Distribution team and Customer Support Underwriting PHS Other Services Renewals Policy Issuance/New Business Implementation


Setting up New Bank

Setting up new bank arrangements in the system, including bank users, any distribution hierarchy relevant to the bank, commission arrangements, etc

Setting up New Products

Setting up new products in the system as and when introduced

Setting up the Point of Sales

Potentially setting up the Point of Sales (POS) System for banks

Assisting in Drawing up

Assisting in drawing up and agreeing SOPs with banks

Assisting with Training

Assisting with training of bank personnel with respect to the product and system

Day to Day Operations – New Business/Underwriting/Policy Issue

Arranging for Collection/Receipt

Arranging for collection/receipt of applications from the centralised unit / Operations department of the Banks


Application processing (entry, validation, resolution of issues)

Contact Field Representatives

Contact field representatives, banks, underwriters and other concerned persons to obtain any information / requirements which is either missing or incorrect

Analyse Proposal Information

Analyse proposal information; screen the applicant / applications on the basis of Insurer(s) Underwriting Guidelines; identify requirements (medical or otherwise)

Communicate Medical / Financial Requirements

Communicate Medical / Financial Requirements if necessary, to relevant bank personnel/ Insurer(s) field force

Continuous Follow up

Continuous (at least daily) follow up on requirements

Obtain & Update system

Obtain requirements from and update system

Complete Requirements

Complete other requirements raised by Insurer(s) Policy Issuance / New Business

Policy Issuance

Policy Issuance of all proposals for which requirements are complete as per Insurer(s) Bancassurance underwriting rules. Receipt issuance.

Liaise with Insurer(s) Bancassurance

Liaise with Insurer(s) Bancassurance Division to have policies signed

Courier the Policy Documents

Courier the Policy Documents to the clients (If Customer address is incomplete or P/O address so the Document returned back to our office and again GBA dispatch the same to document to the concerned Insurer(s) REGION from where the case was submitted)

Day to Day Operations – Renewals

Generate & Send Notices

Generate and send (by courier and via SMS before, on, and after due date) Notices, Reminders & Lapse Letters delivery to Policy Holders

Share the List of Policies

Share the List of Policies to be renewed with each Partner Bank

Sharing Deduction File

Sharing Deduction File with the Banks (UBL and Bank Alfalah) and handle the response/collection of the same

Follow-up with Distribution Team

Follow-up with Distribution Team for renewal Collection PHS

Maintain and share Persistency Reports

Maintain and share Persistency Reports with Insurer(s) and Banks

Provide Complete Report

Provide complete visibility of DUE and RENEWED Policies visibility Bank-wise daily

Other Policyholder Services

Processing of Policy

Processing of Free Look Period Policy Cancellations

Processing/Calculation of Surrenders/Maturities

Processing/Calculation of Surrenders/Maturities – identifying and arranging all requirements, including follow up

Processing of Death Claims

Processing of Death Claims – identifying and arranging all requirements, including follow up

Processing of Alterations

Processing of Alterations – identifying and arranging all requirements, including follow up

Finance and Restructuring

Processing/Calculation of Surrenders/Maturities – identifying and arranging all requirements, including follow up

Processing of Reinstatement

Processing of Reinstatement – identifying and arranging all requirements including follow up

Accounting, Commission and Related


Bank Reconciliations

Keeping & Track

Keeping and track of and identifying unidentified receipts

For New Business

Preparation of Commission payable against New Business for Each Partner Bank

For Renewed Policies

Preparation of Commission payable against Renewed Policies for Each Partner Bank

Computation of Contest Results

Computation of Contest Results (Contests initiated by Insurer(s) time to time) • Processing of Proposal Cancellations

Resolution of Queries

Answering Queries

Answering queries from insured Policy Holders / Bank Branches / Insurer(s) Distribution

Handle Partner Banks

Handle Partner Banks / Referral Model BSCs and Sr. BSCs queries related to Product / system and resolve the same

Reports/ MIS

Regularly Reports

Regularly produce reports required by Insurer(s) and Partner Banks

Share the MIS

Share the MIS of Pending, Cancelation & Issuance with each Bank respectively on daily weekly Basis

Provision of Statistics

Provision of Statistics as and when required by Insurer(s) Other Services

*All in line with Existing Regulatory Regime and Guidelines