We are Global Bancassurance

Managing better Service Levels

We are third party administration service provider specialising in the sale and administration of insurance products through Bank Branches.

GBA has a core team of professionals with over 50 years of experience in the field of Insurance, Banking and Wealth Management.

Enabled Life Insurance Operations via advanced internet based point-of-sale, fully integrated underwriting and back office system

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Glimpses of the benefits that will accrue to your Banks

  • Banks increasing their profit with it.
  • Acquire new customers.
  • Risk-free source of Revenue Enhanced
  • Fee Income (Non-funded Income for the Bank)
  • Have the access to the best-selling insurance Products (80% of all insurance is underwritten)
  • Automated front-end system that provides the Life Proposal along with the Cover letter while the Customer waits.
  • Create Stickiness, Customer Loyalty, and Retention – Provide value to cement and retain the existing customer for the long term.
  • Diversified Customer Portfolio, with Bancassurance, banks get to add Insurance to their product mix, making their Customer Portfolios more diverse, and increasing their penetration in the Market.

There are numerous other benefits both tangible and intangible. By introducing the concept of bancassurance to you customer with the above products are ensure they are being given unmatchable value (vs. any other market offerings) that comes with a proven and successful track record. The bank would immediately benefit by having a competitive advantage that not only guarantees customer satisfaction but also start to generate substantial additional profits. We are certain that with you as a partner with GBA, Your Bank will be able to offer not only extended financial services, cater to wealth management but also create stickiness for your clientele. Client relationship management has become a key strategy. To build and maintain client relationships, bank and insurers are forming partnerships to provide their client with a wide range of bank and insurance products from one source. It is believed that as the number of products that a customer purchases from an organisation increases the chance of losing that specific customer to a competitor decrease.

“I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the present moment; and yet I feel that I never was a greater artist than now. When, while the love”

Asif Pervaiz

Chief Executive Officer

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achievements & statistics

Out of many few of GBA's

The Largest Insurer in Pakistan rely on GBA and Relationship with 08 Prominent Banks of Pakistan

Insurer(s) has outsourced GBA Services its Third Part Management of Entire Life Bancassurance Operations (relationship of 12 years)

2x Faster Processes

Convert the Proposals submitted in to the Policies quickly as compare to the Market with the lowest Death Claim/Surrender Ratio

98+ Business Procured get Materialised

Where industry rate is approx 90% , our conversion rate is highest as our team pursue the requirements until their completion, case to case basis

Customer Centric Approach

Created Customer stickiness with our state of art support system and Ensure that Distribution & Marketing operations are all compliant with existing local regulations/regime


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